Python for Spark Tutorial

Hi there,

this is the overview page for the Python for Spark Tutorial. This tutorial should give you a quick overview of the Python language.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting started with Python: Introduction and first code samples
  2. Control structures in Python: If-Then-Else, For and While Loops
  3. Methods and Functions in Python: how to write methods and functions and Lambda expressions in Python
  4. Classes and Inheritance in Python: how to encapsulate methods in classes
  5. Error Handling in Python: how to raise and respond to exceptions and errors in Python
  6. Decorators in Python, Part 1: how to add decorators to Python
  7. (COMING SOON): Decorators in Python, Part 2: how to add decorators to Python
  8. (COMING SOON): Async and await in Python: how to handle asynchronous operations in Python
  9. (COMING SOON): String manipulations in Python: how to work with Strings
  10. (COMING SOON): Serialising objects in Python and JSON: how to persist classes to JSON in Python
  11. (COMING SOON): Dynamically creating classes in Python: how to create classes at runtime in Python
  12. (COMING SOON): Logging in Python: how to use error messages in Python and log them for later reviews
  13. (COMING SOON): The Dataclass in Python: how to work with data objects
  14. (COMING SOON): FuncTools and IterTools in Python: helpful methods to work with functions and iterators
  15. (COMING SOON): Basic mathematic and statistic functions in Python: the pre-pandas, scikit era – we are ready to go!

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