This is the overview page for the Python for Spark Tutorial. This tutorial should give you a quick overview of the Python language. The tutorial is written for people that are already aware of programming languages and thus it will be easy to learn Python. The goal is to prepare you for and learn Apache Spark development with Python and PySpark!

Python for Spark Tutorial Contents

  1. Getting started with Python: Introduction and first code samples
  2. Control structures in Python: If-Then-Else, For and While Loops
  3. Methods and Functions in Python: how to write methods and functions and Lambda expressions in Python
  4. Classes and Inheritance in Python: how to encapsulate methods in classes
  5. Error Handling in Python: how to raise and respond to exceptions and errors in Python
  6. Decorators in Python, Part 1: how to add decorators to Python
  7. Decorators in Python, Part 2: how to add decorators to Python
  8. Async and await in Python: how to handle asynchronous operations in Python
  9. String manipulations in Python: how to work with Strings
  10. Serialising objects in Python and JSON: how to persist classes to JSON in Python
  11. Dynamically creating classes in Python: how to create classes at runtime in Python
  12. Logging in Python: how to use error messages in Python and log them for later reviews
  13. The Dataclass in Python: how to work with data objects
  14. FuncTools and IterTools in Python: helpful methods to work with functions and iterators
  15. Basic mathematic and statistic functions in Python: the pre-pandas, scikit era – we are ready to go!

The next step after completing this tutorial is to learn about Apache Spark in this tutorial. If you want to learn more about Data Science and Data Engineering, Have a look at the other Tutorials on it.

If you want to learn everything about Apache Spark, make sure to visit the Spark Website.

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Python for Spark Tutorial
Python for Spark Tutorial