This is the overview page for the Data Governance Tutorial. This tutorial should give you a quick overview of Data Governance. At the end of this tutorial, you can find a link to other tutorials that take this into consideration.

Data Governance is a challenging topic, but very essential to all your endeavors in the data topics. If you fail to master your data governance requirements, you will end up producing bad predictions on data. In this tutorial series, we will explore different options on how to improve your data quality. This starts with an general intro to data governance and spans over to data quality management and metadata management.

Data Governance Tutorial contents

  1. Intro: What is Data Governance?
  2. Information Security & Privacy as the first pillar of Data Governance
  3. Data Quality Management as key aspect for Data Governance
  4. Data Access and Search: how to find the value of your data
  5. Master Data Management: how to get the golden record

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A linear regression model
A linear regression model