This is the overview page for the Apache Hive Tutorial. This tutorial should give you a quick overview of Apache Hive. It is written for people that want to learn Apache Hive and the Hive Query Language – HiveQL. If you feel that you are missing some basics about Hadoop, I recommend you first learning about Apache Hadoop.

Apache Hive Tutorial contents

  1. Getting started with Apache Hive: an overview of Apache Hive
  2. Setting up Hive with the Sandbox: how to run Hortonworks HDP in Docker
  3. Working with Databases in Hive: how to create new databases in Hive QL
  4. Working with Tables in Hive: how to work with Tables now that you know how to work with Databases
  5. Inserting Data into Hive tables: how can you add data to your tables
  6. Querying data from Hive: How to access data and write queries on it

So what is up next after this tutorial? There are several things you can learn about Data Science and Data Engineering. A logical next step after this tutorial is to learn about Apache Spark in this Tutorial. You might also learn about the basics of Machine Learning in this tutorial. If you want to know more about Python for Data Science, you can learn this here. If you want to learn more about Hive, I recommend you going to the official page for Apache Hive.

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