Privacy killed the Big Data star

Big Data is all about limiting our privacy. With Big Data, we get no privacy at all. Hello, Big Brother is watching us and we have to stop it right now! Well, this is far too cruel. Big Data is NOT all about limiting our privacy. Just to make it clear: I see the benefits of Big Data. However, there are a lot of people out there that are afraid of Big Data because of privacy. The thing I want to state first: Big Data is not NSA, Privacy, Facebook or whatever surveillance technology you can think of. Of course, it is often enabled by Big Data technologies. I see this discussion often and I recently came across an event, that stated stated that Big Data is bad and it limits our privacy. I say, this is bullsh##. The event I am talking about stated that Big Data is bad, it is limiting our privacy and it needs to be

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Data Protection legislation killed Big Data. Did it?

In Europe, it is rather difficult to get into the different member states legislation to find out how to apply data driven applications that are in accordance with the regional laws. The save-harbour principle tells us basically, that data that is referring to a specific person, may not leave Europe. But what does that mean? Especially US Cloud and Big Data providers might find this difficult, sind the US law forces these companies to share the data with the US government (especially the intelligence services). This means a conflict in legislation itself. American companies are somewhat under heavy pressure in loosing large european customers that want their data “save” – from a legal point of view. Another problem is associated with the collection and storage of personal data. If we look at (not only) social media platforms, once you post something, it is there forever – even though you delete it. If we focus on retail, what does that mean?

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