My top 5 Analytics and AI predictions for 2019

This is the last post of my series about the topics I care most about. This time, I will focus on Analytics and AI. Especially the last topic (AI) has been a major buzz-word this year, so it is interesting to see what might happen in 2019. Therefore, my predictions for 2019 are: 1. Governance will be seen as major enabler – or blocker – for self-service analytics. Self-service Analytics will become a key goal for most companies Let’s stay on the ground: a “deal-breaker” for Advanced Analytics and Data Science is often the inability to access data (fast) or bad data quality. Both topics can be handled well if data governance is treated with major investments within enterprises. I often see data scientists waiting for days or weeks to access data. Once they have access to data, they only figure out that the quality is very bad. Let’s face it: data governance wasn’t important in enterprises nor attractive. Nobody

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Google AppEngine: how to add your domain

In this blog post I will explain how you can add your own domain to a Google AppEngine Application. I will start from scratch just to show you how it works. 1. First of all, make sure you are signed in into Google AppEngine. Navigate to the Dashboard and create a new Application: 2. Create a new application by clicking on “Create Application”. On the next dialog, you need to specify some data about the application. This is the application identifier, a description and how the application will be accessed. We’ll select the “open for all” option, as we want our application to be generally available. Once this step is completed, you will see the “application created” page. 3. Next, we will navigate to the overview again and select our newly created application. Navigate down until you reach the section “Administration”. Select “Application Settings”. 4. In the “Application Settings” Dialog for Google AppEngine, scroll down until you reach the section

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Cloud Computing Weekend Reading: AWS, Forbes, IBM, Open Source

Still can’t get enough information about Cloud Computing? Here is the weekend reading list for interesting Topics about Cloud Computing. Have a nice (and cloudy) weekend ­čÖé // Google search to include your private Gmail soon? – In this Blog by Computerworld the possibility of Google to include Gmail Data into search is discussed. There is some interesting Feedback by some authors. Read more here. Only 16% of people know what the Cloud is.┬áDo you agree? Is Cloud Computing not well known enough?┬áMost believed it was about drugs, pillows, the weather, or toilet paper. Read more on Forbes about it. 5 considerations when moving to the cloud. IBM explains what we have to consider when moving to the cloud. The 5 Tips are Monitoring, Security, Performance, Vendor-Lockin and Migration. Read more about it here. Amazon Web Services boss Andy Jassy on competition, price wars, and getting big. Read the interview with AWS boss Andy Jassy on his thoughts about

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