On top of all those collaboration- and cloud-services a lot of us have found out that working together has not become much easier since the introduction of those services. As today every organization uses own infrastructure either self-hosted or an online services the borders have only moved but have not gotten transparent when needed. The walls between collaborating organisations are as strong as ever. SPHARES is here to change this. We are allowing sharinglike DropBox, but between different systems. Even hosted on your own systems -Dietmar Gombotz, CEO of SPHARES SPHARES is a small start-up team of 5 from Vienna with the mission to make working-life and collaboration much easier by providing a tool that allows you to integrate different work environments without having to actually change tools. It is working as a service-integrator between different systems in the background. The sync-engine allows to transparently share data to and from colleagues using different (or even the same) systems as oneself.

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Microsoft Skydrive sync problems on Mac OS

I recently updated my Skydrive to the newest version on Mac OS X. I am using 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion). However, I came across a sync issue with Skydrive. The program seemed to stop working, the Skydrive Icon was only gray. I then looked at the forums and it turned out that this is due to a verisign host header entry. To solve this issue, simply do the following: 1. Start the Terminal. You can get there by opening the Launchpad and type “Terminal” 2. In the terminal, run nano (the editor for OS X). It needs to have additional rights (sudo). Start nano with the hosts header, with the following command: $ sudo nano /private/etc/hosts 3. Scan the file for “ctrl.verisign.net” and comment that out by adding a # at the beginning of the file. 4. save the file and quit. 5. restart Skydrive and it should work again.