Device independence

As with Cloud Computing, device independence and the use of Internet is an essential requirement for self Service IT Solutions. Self Service Platforms should be accessible via standard technologies such as HTML. Especially monitoring tools should be offered by the platform. Since self Service IT Platforms are basically within enterprise environments, it is necessary to have advanced security such as corporate firewalls applied.

on demand for self services

on demand for self services (C) David Fisher

On Demand

The goal of self Service IT is to improve processes within the enterprise and to improve the performance of the IT department. Processes should be more transparent and easier to use for end-users within the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary that a self Service platform show immediate effects. If the user needs to create a new marketing website, the instances should be launched within some minutes and if scaling is needed, it should also be possible within some minutes. The user should get access to new instances once the user needs or demands for them. There should be no form to fill out and send to the IT department just to have instances available after some days or weeks.

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  1. Matt R
    Matt R says:

    Thanks for your article!
    Absolutely right, without 100% automation and BYOD its not a Cloud. Please take a look at openQRM. This delivers exactly such a Cloud solution based on a 100% self-service for the End-User.


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