As mentioned in the last Post, deployment is a very tricky thing in the Cloud. It can be easy if you run your applications on a PaaS-Service. However, it might be tricky in IaaS Environments.
There is mostly a need for an Operations-Team that takes care of deployment and maintains the Application for failures. In DevOps Environments, we often see the following:

„It‘s not my Code, it is your machines!“
„It‘s not my machines, it is your Code!“

This means that there are often problems between the two teams. The Development Teams finger-point at the Operations Team and vice versa. Flickr gave some best practices on how to overcome this issue. These Reccomendations are divided into two main points:

  1. Right Tools
  2. Culture
Right Tools consists of the following recommendations:
  • Automated Infrastructure
This consists of different tools such as Puppet for IT Automation, Cobbler for Automated Installation, CFengine for Configuration Management or other Tools
  • Shared Version Control
  • One-Step Build
All Build Actions are done in a Skript, no need to do more command-line-ing
  • Branching
  • Shared Metrics (Easy to read metrics to see improvements)
  • IRC and IM Robots to Communicate
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