Kick Starters

What exactly is a kick starter?

I wanted to create a book that explains a specific topic to readers in short. A kick start should do what these old motor bikes did: get you ready for a topic within minutes. Readers should not spend more than a day getting the most important information on the topic they selected, but get more out of it than browsing online tutorials, blogs or Wikipedia. The topic is to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic and giving a guidance on where to go from there. In short, it is all about getting you started without wasting your time.

A kick start is a short book on the Amazon Kindle store (currently published exclusively there). It features about 50-110 pages and is written to give the reader a great overview of a specific topic. The pricing for the ebook is at a very low price, so that readers can buy several Kick Starts and build their book on their own. It gives the readers a better choice of what they want to learn.

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Available Kick Starts:

Upcoming Kick Starts:

  • Apache Hive (Summer 2016)
  • Apache Spark (Autumn 2016)
  • Hadoop Operations (Winter 2016)

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