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For a FAIR data

Over the last months, I wrote several articles about data governance. One aspect of data governance is also the principle of FAIR data. FAIR in the context of data stands for: findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. There are several scientific papers dealing with this topic. Let me explain what it is about What is FAIR […]


The frustrated Data Scientist

I am talking a lot to different people in my domain – either on conferences or as I know them personally. One thing most of them have in common is one thing: frustration. But why are people working with data frustrated? Why do we see so many frustrated data scientists? Is it the complexity of […]


Master Data Management

In our last tutorial for Data Governance, we now look at Master Data Management. This is the last of our four pillars. Master Data is the core data in the company, which should be clean, accurate and in a clear data model. What is the goal of Master Data Management? It is important to have […]


Data Access and Search

Next to Data Security & Privacy as well as Data Quality Management, there is a huge importance in Data Access and Search. This topic focuses on finding and accessing data in your data assets. Most large enterprises have a lot of data at their finger tips, but different business units don’t know where and how […]


Data Quality Management

We started our tutorial with a general intro to Data Governance and then went a bit deeper into data security and data privacy. In this post, we will have a look at how to ensure a certain level of data quality in your data sets. Data Quality is a very important aspect. Imagine, you have […]


Data Security and Data Privacy

In our previous tutorial intro, we outlined the four pillars that are relevant to data governance. In this post, I will go for a deeper dive into the data security and data privacy aspects of data governance. What is data security? Data security is all about securing the data against intrusions from the in- or […]


What is Data Governance?

Everybody is talking about Data Science and Big Data, but one heavily ignored topic is Data Governance and Data Quality. Executives all over the world want to invest into doing data science, but they often ignore Data Governance. Some month ago I wrote about this and shared my frustration about it. Now I’ve decided to […]


Learn new data science tools during the corona lockdown : predict time series at scale with R

A college of mine, Vivien Roussez, wrote a nice library in R to predict time series. The package is called “autoTS” and provides a high level interface for univariate time series predictions. It implements many algorithms, most of them provided by the forecast package. You can find the package as an open source project on GitHub. Over the last […]

Serverless Analytics

In one of my last posts, I wrote about the fact that Cloud is more PaaS/FaaS then IaaS already. In fact, IaaS doesn’t bring much value at all over traditional architectures. There still are some advantages, but they remain limited. If you want to go for a future-proove archtiecture, Analytics needs to be serverless analytics. […]