Many people coming from “traditional” tools such as SPSS or SAS often have issues to get started with working with R. The question they ask themselves is how to get started with sometimes limited programming know-how so far. They have the challenge to get started with programming R but also deliver on current projects.

To address this issue, a college of me at A1 (Roland Krasser) has developed a very interesting package for R. With this package, it is possible to start exploring a dataset that you want to use in R. This allows you to have a simple interface to look at the data and have some functions available. It is a really great package to get started with R.

Below are some of the functions listed:

Easy to get started – only 2 lines of code needed

All attributes are listed in an overview
Different attributes can be explored easy

Relationships between attributes and a target can be explored

It is easy to grow a decision tree

If you are interested in contributing to this project or want to use it in your company, you can obtain it from Github.

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