Data Science Conference 4.0 is going to be in Belgrade again soon this year, and I am happy to be one of the keynote speakers there! The program will be fantastic, so looking forward to see as many as possible there :). From the organisers:
Data Science Conference / 4.0 (DSC 4.0) will be held on 18 and 19 September in hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade and is organized by Institute for Contemporary Sciences (ISN). During the two days Belgrade will be the epicenter of Data Science and guests will have an opportunity to hear 62 talks and 4 discussion groups, as well as take part in exclusive content such as workshops and more than 12 technical tutorials. More than a 1000 attendees are expected from over 25 countries around the work, which makes DSC 4.0 one of the three biggest data science conferences in Europe.
Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at RStudio and an adjunct Professor at Stanford University, will open the Conference. He is a prominent and active member of the R user community and has developed several notable and widely used packages (known as the ‘tidyverse’). Additionally, many notable speakers from around Europe and the US will take the stage, such as Mario Meir-Huber (A1 Telekom Austria Group), Vanja Paunic (Microsoft London) and Miha Pelko (BMW Group). Moreover, a great number of women will speak this year, which is noteworthy as one of the goals of the Conference is to empower women in this field. Dorothea Wiesmann working at IBM Research Zurich is one of the 6 keynote speakers.
The program of the conference will be divided into 4 parallel tracks and will cover a wide range of topics from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Monetisation and Data Science Education to Big Data and Engineering and more! Attendees will be able to choose a level of a talk that is most suitable for their background – be it beginner, intermediate or advanced, as well as choose talk types between technical, business or academic types – all mentioned in our schedule. Additionally, there will be an UnConference in parallel to the talks, where any attendee will have a chance to hold a small presentation of a topic or an idea in data science and have a discussion with other guests of the Conference.
The program includes Workshops as well, and their goal is to provide experience to future data scientists on the problems that companies face day to day. They are free of charge and the applications are still open. Furthermore, attendees will have an opportunity to hear more than 130 hours of Technical Tutorials on the days leading up to the Conference (15-17.9.) on topics such as the basics and advanced visualisation using Tableau, using Amazon Web Services, the basics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in Python and R and many more.
Additional information can be found on Data Science Conference / 4.0 official website, where you can book a ticket as well or contact for any questions you might have. One more thing, you can take a look at the last year’s aftermovie here.