We all remember the day when the Big Boss at Oracle, Larry Elison expressed his feelings against the cloud (see here) and guess what? Oracle is now (finally) getting serious about the cloud – or at least, they try to.

I mean it is now 7 years or more that companies like Microsoft, IBM and others decided that the cloud is probably worth investing in (and, they gained a competitive advantage). Now, Oracle finally decided that they need to get into the cloud rather soon than late (even though they are already late).

I worked with Cloud Computing for 10 years now and looking at the service offers by Oracle on cloud computing, I have to admit that they are at a stage where Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon has been about 7 years ago. Their service offering is – bad. The way how their services are designed – sub-standard. They push the topic heavily, as they figured out that they have no other chance if they want to remain a large player. The question is, if it is already too late for them.

Anyway, I wouldn’t trust Oracle when it comes to Cloud Computing. Some sources actually state that Oracle is using nasty tricks to get their customers on the cloud (see here). If this is true, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use the Oracle cloud.

I bet that Oracle will be an irrelevant player in the cloud – if they stay with the same approach like now.


Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion.

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