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Hadoop and Big Data in Central and Eastern Europe

The last month I was working on a report about how Hadoop and Big Data is adopted in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe). I am happy to announce that the survey is now available at We carried out a comprehensive end-user research in the region with 600 IT decision makers. Here is the abstract:

This IDC Survey shows the overall acceptance of big data analytics and Hadoop technology in different company types across CEE and outlines the differences between countries in the region. In addition, it shows the differences of opinion on big data technologies between line-of-business managers and IT managers.

“Although big data solutions are emerging worldwide, the adoption rate is currently low in CEE. We expect this technology to take off in 2015. Providers should therefore be ready to offer Hadoop solutions to their customers in the region now.” — Lead Analyst Mario Meir-Huber, Big Data, IDC CEE

The Report contains the following topics:

IDC Opinion, Situation Overview, Survey Findings
Insights on different Hadoop factors by country, industry and employees such as:

  • Attitude Toward Hadoop as a Technology
  • Hadoop Drivers
  • Hadoop Inhibitors

Vendor and Product Placement and Vendor Association with Hadoop

Comparison of IT Managers and LoB Managers in Terms of Big Data Analytics/Hadoop Contributions

Companies Covered:

Apache Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Cloudera, Inc., IBM, SAS Institute Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company,, Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation

Regions Covered:

Central and Eastern Europe

Topics Covered:

Big Data analytics and discovery, Databases, Hadoop


If you are interested in the report, feel free to drop me a line at: mmeir-huber – at – or simply find the report here.


I lead a team of Senior Experts in Data & Data Science as Head of Data & Analytics and AI at A1 Telekom Austria Group. I also teach this topic at various universities and frequently speak at various Conferences. In 2010 I wrote a book about Cloud Computing, which is often used at German & Austrian Universities. In my home country (Austria) I am part of several organisations on Big Data & Data Science.

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