Be part of the community – write about your favourite cloud/big data topic! is a popular platform where articles about cloud computing and big data are published. It is listed as the Top 100 Blogs by the Cloud Computing Journal and I often get free event passes for global events.

If you know a lot about the cloud and you want to reach a broader audience, feel free to contact me and start blogging about Cloud Computing today at

As CloudVane is a non-commercial site, I can’t pay anything for your efforts – however, you will reach a large audience and increase your visibility within the Cloud area. Whenever I get event invites, I will do my best to distribute that to authors writing at CloudVane.

Interested? Send me an E-Mail: You should indicate your experience with Cloud Computing. Good english skills are mandatory.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


I lead a team of Senior Experts in Data & Data Science as Head of Data & Analytics and AI at A1 Telekom Austria Group. I also teach this topic at various universities and frequently speak at various Conferences. In 2010 I wrote a book about Cloud Computing, which is often used at German & Austrian Universities. In my home country (Austria) I am part of several organisations on Big Data & Data Science.

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