Self Service is a traditional Element for humans. A typical and successful example of self Service is vendor machines for Drinks. Coca Cola (among others) operates a large number of self Service machines all over the world. You can find them in public places like Universities, Museums, Sport arenas and many more. People are used to deal with the machines as they are simple to use and easy to find. In today’s world, we can find a huge variety of self Service machines, which are not limited to soft drinks. There are self Service machines for snacks such as Snickers, chewing gums and you can even buy pizzas from self Service machines. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have revolutionized the way we deal with money. The only question is, why is there no self Service IT available yet? A self Service IT where you can use the benefits of self Service machines: insert money, press a button and get the service you need. It should be so fast and simple as with a cola vending machine. But is this type of service delivery actually possible? In the following posts we will have a look at self Service IT and what is necessary for it.

In the last years, a very popular trend in IT emerged: Cloud Computing. However, Cloud Computing is not the only popular trend, since we can see much more trends arising. The market research firm IDC calls this „the 3rd platform“. In the 3rd platform, popular trends such as Mobility, Social Media, Big Data and Cloud Computing are put together to join a „revolution“ in IT. This trend is supposed to change the IT landscape, as we know it today dramatically.

Self service IT at Intel

Self service IT at Intel

Image Copyright by Intel Free Press


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