You want to learn data science, data engineering and become a pro on Big Data, Apache Spark and all the fancy stuff behind it? I constantly write tutorials on Cloudvane to give you the chance to learn about it. Currently, there are tutorials about Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. If you aren’t familiar yet with Python, I’ve created a tutorial on Python programming for those familiar with other languages like Java. For those already familiar with Spark, but interested in learning about Data Science, I would recommend you doing the machine learning tutorial. And the best thing? You can learn data science free of charge!

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CloudVane is all about Big Data and Data Science. We have several articles here, discussing various aspects about it. Make sure to also read about Python itself. This is absolutely interesting.

This blog is run by Mario Meir-Huber:

I work as Head of Data Uniqa. I also teach this topic at various universities and frequently speak at various Conferences. In 2010 I wrote a book about Cloud Computing, which is often used at German & Austrian Universities. During my last 12 years of professional experience, I worked at Teradata, IDC and Microsoft with Cloud & Big Data Technologies. In my home country (Austria) I am part of several organisations on Big Data. You can contact me on LinkedIn here

Some of my Publications and Conference Talks:
Conference Talks (not complete)
[Latvia] ETIS: Customer 360
[Germany] Re-think Cognitive Technologies: Impact of data on large enterprises
[UK] 5G World Summit: Smart Networks with the use of AI & Analytics
[UK] Total Telecom: Machine Learning and 5G
[VAE] Gitex: Data Analytics for 5G Networks
[VAE] Gitex: Future Trends in AI
[VAE] Gitex: SmartCity and AI
[Croatia] Data Science Economy 2019: Collaborating with Data
[Austria] Challenge Accepted: Data is the new bacon